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Long distance family quotes

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Even though I am far away, my love for my brother still flows like a river. Many seas may separate us but my heart still cries out for my mothers love. There is no greater relationship than that of a family.
~ Dorothy Lime

They could be America, Africa, Asia, Australia or any other part of the world. As long as your heart beats, it will always relate to them as own.
~ Gary Paid

I never wanted to, but had to leave my family in search of a better life. I had to leave to make a better living and stand on my own. So that one day they may be proud of having me as their son.
~ Hansel Poor

The stars shine brightly as I think of you and I know that there is a glow on your face right now as you see the stars from land afar. That is because you have been in my mind and I have loved you like no other.
~ Owen Tractor

Family ties run deeper than the rivers, feel smoother than pebbles by the stream and last longer than a generation. No distance can really change that.
~ Tina Loans

No matter where I go, you will always be the apple of my eyes. You have the charm that holds me and keeps me coming back to you.
~ John McGuire

The best days of my life are still ahead of me because even though we are far we tend to love so much. I can only imagine what will happen when we are close together.
~ Tim Notion

We may not speak emotionally on the phone or emails and chats but I know that my heart really cries out for family time. Those special moments when we used to eat food together and talk together as a family.
~ Malcolm Picture

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How to keep that regular unfailing bond alive with family?
In this modern world, communication is easier than it used to be. You have so many tools at your disposal assuming you have dedicated internet connection and a computer device. However, communication should be of a right manner. It should not be like far and distant like once a year. That would make your loved ones restless and if you have a span of 15 years, that would mean you communicate just 15 times. On the other hand, hyper active communication wherein you ping and bug them every 15 minutes is also a problem (People do that).You need to set your communication times and make sure every encounter is a pleasant one. Of course that is not always possible. But since they are so far, make sure that you communicate your love to them. Remind them of the good old days and give them a piece of your current life story.
Family comes first and they may forget it but you need not. Be the bigger person and keep the communication alive. It is the strength of the relationship.

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