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Inspirational love quotes for long distance relationships

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It maybe hard right now due to the distance but there is something great awaiting us. Just like gold miners keep digging the dirt and gravel out for months. But later when they find heavy gold, all efforts are worth it.
~ Melbourne Diaz

Beautiful things happen to those who wait patience and keep feeding their relationships. Look at the plants. First they are just tiny seeds and you see nothing at all, no leaves, no fruits. But when you feed it...
~ Shaun Yankee

Yes there is a big distance between us but no I am not giving up. I could have chosen anyone nearby and that would have solved the long distance problem but I don't want to select mediocre when I have the best.
~ Bernadette Shaw

All I will ever need from you is love and faithfulness. As long as you give me these two, I will wade through the distance, brake down the barriers and push forth everything I have for you.
~ Kelly Sears

Love is not just about the physical stuff like most people believe it to be. That is why there are so many people who manage to have long distance relationships. Husbands can work on ships and far countries while their wives wait for them lovingly. Its tough, but it is possible and lovely.
~ Punnet Goldman

A flower needs sunlight and water to keep blooming and my heart needs your sweet smile and love to keep blooming always.
~ Robbie Stewart

I want to have a relationship which is beyond judgement, fights, insecurity, lies and cheating. Heart that does not hurt others and love that understands all true feelings.
~ Job Rucking

These messages that I send you were written not with ink or data but with real feelings which surpass time and distance. They are words which make everything alright.
~ Genevieve Rogers

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Inspiring words for you:
No matter what the status of your relationship is right now, remember that to make it through. It may be difficult and you may feel like giving up from time to time but remind yourself the reason why you got into the relationship in the first place. Give yourself the much needed boost of confidence that you need.
It is sometimes difficult to understand the pain that we have to go through but its like going to the gym. After couple of months or years you will see the results in the form of a great body. In the same way long distance relationships tend to bear fruit once you have your mind focused. After all its just a matter of time and then finally you will be closer to the person you love. Stay inspired.

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