Long Distance Quotes For Lovers

When something beautiful happens, I wish you were here by my side so I could hold your arms and take in the beauty. Beauty can be understood better with someone beautiful by your side.
~ Long Distance Quotes For Lovers

Distance quotations and sayings for lovers
Long Distance Quotes For Lovers
Love does not necessarily grow when people are near, it can grow even when you are far apart. I say this because I know that after going distant I have started loving you much more than before.
~ Shawl Daniels

Love is your second nature, sweetness is your third. You are the cutest person I have met yet and your style always makes me smile no matter where you are.
~ Ruth Alexis

Long Distance Quotes For Lovers

Even though we are far apart, your memories make me a happier person than I used to be. You have made such a deep impact on my life, I just cannot get over you my love.
~ Dan Winter-burg

Like the grass that shines with the dew fall so my heart shines with every thought about you. You are the one I was waiting for. You are the one I need and I know that my light is complete with yours.
~ Ned Rims

I wait for you not because I don't have a choice but because I know that even if I find someone, no one can be like you and no one will ever replace you in my heart.
~ Bane Rogers

I search my inner being and I keep getting a reflection of you. You are the meaning of love in my life. Without you I don't know what I would be like. You are the sweetest accident that happened to me.
~ Sam Ernestine

Lets go on a ride, just you and I. To a place open and wide. Bright and beautiful like the skies. There we will realize that we were meant to be together.
~ Mandy Moore

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